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Green is not only the colour of a gemstone…

Our world and its longevity is based on balance.  Being involved in creating beauty through jewellery leaves us to always think carefully about the balance of nature and what our contribution to being kind to mother earth is.  As you can imagine, mining for gemstones and other raw materials, causes pollution and other trauma to the earth and our environment in general.  In the last number of years, the jewellery industry globally has embarked on ensuring that the kindest mining processes are being adhered to.  In fact, not only is there emphasis on making sure that gases which are by products form the mines are being lessened, but you will know the term blood diamonds – here there is a huge drive in making sure that gemstones are mined ethically.


 Penchant Fine Jewellery supports the international drive within the global jewellery community to ensure that sustainable and ethical mining methods are used.  We are continuously ensuring that we stay abreast of the latest technology that supports our Going Green campaign.  This helps us decide who we do business with too. In our continuous quest to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we constantly introduce different systems, packaging, consumables, and lifestyle items that align with our vision and mission as a business.

As an independent jewellery business, we have realised that we can become more aware of being environmentally aware through the little things we do daily.  Some of these things you could also apply in your home should you wish to do so.


 We’ve realised that by intentionally changing the little things in our day to day running of the business, we can practically ensure that going green is not just lip service.  In fact, going green has created an opportunity for us to support other small businesses – we only use ethically sourced cleaning and hand sanitiser products from a local business by the name of Mothers Love.

We have found such an amazing product in the Faithful to Nature online store. The all-natural fibre dishwashing scrub pad. What we love about these sponges, are that apart from being the greenest and cleanest dishwashing sponge in the world, the fibre that breaks down and lands up in the sewage system is safe for the environment.  Even animals are safe should they chew on one of these accidentally. When the scrub is kaput, it can be thrown into your compost heap or Bokashi bin. It is worth making small changes to be able to sustain these changes in the long run.


The great thing about going green is that it really is a journey.  You need to pick a place to start, make the changes, form the new habit, and then chose the next step in your journey.  There is still a lot in our journey that we want to share with you over the next few months.  Next on our list is the recycling bin system – if you have tips to share do let us know.  Going green is something we can participate in to create a healthier planet that we will all benefit from.

For the love of our planet and its people,

Jackie Hahn.