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Caring for Your Jewellery

When you take care of your jewels and they’ll take care of you… Regular wear and tear can cause your favourite pieces to lose their lustre. You must learn how to care for your jewelleries whether they are made with gold, silver, diamond or other gemstones.



24 karat is pure gold, which is naturally bright yellow in colour. However, because it is often too soft for use in everyday jewellery, most pieces are alloyed (mixed with other metals) to make it more durable. 18k gold has a 75% purity, while 14k is at 58.5% and 9k at 37.5%.

At Penchant Design, we use solid gold in yellow, white and rose colours. While yellow and rose gold don’t have to be plated, white gold is usually plated with Rhodium, which can wear off over time. We therefore recommend having the plating redone once a year (or whenever it’s starting to wear).

Whether yellow, white or rose gold, here’s how to make sure it never looks old!
WEAR: Gold is a fairly soft metal, which can scratch, dent and damage easily. You should therefore avoid wearing gold jewellery when doing outdoor activities and exercise.
WASH: If your gold jewellery looks like it’s losing its shine, simply soak it in some warm, soapy water and then carefully wipe it down with a soft cloth


At Penchant design, we make use of Sterling Silver and Argentium silver.

Sterling Silver = 92.5% Silver + 7.5% Copper
Argentium Silver = 96% Silver + 4% Germanium

Sterling silver, which is mainly used in our Oxi-Daisy range, naturally oxidises and tarnishes over time, giving it a yellow-brown or a blackish tint. Since this range specifically relies on oxidation to enhance the daisies’ appearance, we do not use Rhodium plating. We do, however, use Argentium silver in our other ranges, due to its high level of tarnish resistance and the elimination of firescale (a visible layer of oxides on the surface).

How to stop your silver pieces from losing their shine:
• AVOID WATER: Sterling silver is sensitive to H2O, so do not wear your silver pieces when swimming, bathing, showering, washing your hands or doing the dishes.
• WEARING IS CARING: The oils in your skin slow down the oxidation process in sterling silver, so the best way to keep it shiny is to wear it. Pieces that you do not wear often should be wrapped in white tissue paper to reduce the oxidisation.
• WIPE IT DOWN: Both Sterling and Argentium silver can be wiped down with a soft polishing cloth (sold in-store) or with a spectacle/microfibre cloth.

custom silver jewelery


As the only certified Forevermark jeweller in Franschhoek, Penchant Design’s high-quality diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free, which make them all the more spectacular in our eyes.

Diamonds can be forever… with proper care!
Despite their reputation of being the hardest substance known to man, even diamonds aren’t indestructible. In fact, improper wear and care can do quite a lot of damage to these precious stones, such as chips and small fractures.
Lotion and oil can also build up at the base of your diamonds, so to make sure your stones retain their sparkle, follow our step-by-step cleaning instructions on page 9.

Other Gemstones

All of the gemstones use by Penchant Design are genuine mineral stones, that are highly valued for their beauty, longevity, and rarity. Our array of precious and semi-precious stones, including Tanzanite and several Quartz varieties are either used en cabochon or faceted.

Gentle Care for Gems:
Even the slightest amount of dirt can make your gemstones appear dull, so it’s important to clean your stones at home from time to time. The best way to keep gemstones clean and shiny is by using warm soapy water and a soft brush (as
Set out on page 9), and remember to avoid chemicals or excessive temperatures.

Pearls are porous, making them very susceptible to damage caused by water and other substances. To prevent your pearls from losing their lustre, always remember these 6 tips.

custom coloured gemstone ring


Pearls are porous, making them very susceptible to damage caused by water and other substances. To prevent your pearls from losing their lustre, always remember these 6 tips.

Perfume & Products:

Pearls are very sensitive to harsh chemicals, including those found in perfume and other cosmetics. If you’re wearing a pearl necklace, only spray perfume on your wrists, and if you’re wearing a pearl bracelet rather apply perfume to your neck.
Rule of thumb: If you won’t put it on a baby’s bottom, don’t put it on your pearls

Everyday Wear:

The more often you wear your pearls, the less likely they are to dry out and go dull, so feel free to wear them as often as you like, as long as you remember to gently wipe them with a soft cloth once you take them off.

Annual Checks:

To make sure that your pearl thread isn’t stretched or wearing thin in places, it’s best to have them checked once a year, either by yourself, or by a professional.


Pearls should never be soaked, as this can cause the delicate silk string to weaken and potentially break. You can, however rinse them by putting them in warm, soapy water for a minute or so and then wiping them down.

Last On, First Off:

Since pearls are porous and delicate, the best way to protect them is by making sure they are the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you take off when you get home.


Silk thread is most often used for stringing pearls, and depending on how often they are worn, pearl necklaces or bracelets are usually restrung every 3-5 years.


Customers' Testimonials

"I have bought a number of pieces from Penchant. Amazing. All made with pride, love and professionalism"

Amazing and Professional

- Melanie Glynnis Fraser

"Truly beautiful jewelry and very friendly staff. The help they gave was amazing. Worth the 45 minute drive out of Cape Town to Franschhoek to visit this shop. Thank you for everything."

Beautiful Jewellery and Friendly Staff

- Diana

"Thank you SO MUCH to Jackie and everyone from Penchant Design for my absolutely incredibly unique engagement ring! You've absolutely exceeded my expectations in a way which I could not have possibly imagined!"

Exceeded My Expectations

- Grethe

"Beautiful modern and classic jewellery at this shop in Franschhoek. My lovely hubby purchased a tanzanite ring and earrings for me for our 30th wedding anniversary in August. Recommend you visit if you are in the region."

Beautiful, Modern and Classic

- Karen

The ring has been a great success and thank you to you amazing service. Georgie loves the ring.

Amazing Service

- Luke Purdon

"Jackie is an absolute blessing!  Her love for her talent compliments her talent even more.  Regtig jys ongelooflik goed!  Ons is baie bevoorreg om jo as ons ontwerper te kan he (ons is verseker nog nie kla nie)!  Opreg dankie vir jo harde werk met ons groot stap jy maak dit net soveel meer skitter met die skoonheid van die ring xxx"

Absolute Blessing

- Danielle

I LOVE my reset engagement ring. It is very very beautiful.

I Love it

- Joy Denton

"When my sister on that day told us to go in and check out what you guys were able to do, I did not for one second think that we would get exactly what we wanted. I mean, this was Franschhoek after all and I could only imagine the rich and famous being able to afford the jewellery that you probably offered. How wrong were we! From the moment you sat us down, and there were a lot of us, you were attentive, friendly, professional and really looked like you were interested in getting us what we wanted as opposed to trying to sell us the world. You instinctively knew what Lisa wanted and you got that for her. When you asked us on the Friday if we were still looking at other places we were amazed that you even thought that, you had totally won us over and we knew you would deliver something special. I think in the end of the day, Lisa is the one that ultimately is the final say in this and judging by how much she loves the ring, I can only say, BRAVO to you and Penchant designs. Please thank the rest of the staff as well as they are all superstars in our opinion! All the best to you and Penchant designs, you deserve all the success in the world. Cheers,"

Attentive, Friendly and Professional

- Deon & Lisa

"What an amazing experience! I will most definitely go back. The sales consultant was so kind and really knew what suited me best for my event. I wish all jewelry places could be like they are. Thank you also for the earrings you specially made for my baby girl back home, next time I'll bring her along ;)"

An Amazing Experience

- Mariaan

"Love your stuff!"


- Melanie

"I love this shop and its owners. Their designs are beautifully unique and classy. First port of call whenever I am in gorgeous Franschhoek."

I love this shop and the owners

- Carolyn

"everything is stunning!!!!!"


- Hannah

"I bought a set of chains and earrings of the exquisite and unique daisy range. This is so special because nowhere else do you get such a special design range. I will definitely go back for another special item. Christmas is around the corner and I am going to spoil myself with something special."

Special Design Range

- Toy

"Bought a couple of pieces at this store. The staff was totally amazing!!! So friendly and helpful, I would definitely recommend this store! Stop by if you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed!!"

You won't be disappointed

- Pauline

"That is the right word. I don 't like it - I love it. Many thanks for the warm welcome and professional love of diamonds. I feel it when wearing my rings. Why are you so far away? Why didn't I bought, in addition, the tanzanite ring? I definitely have to come back very soon for my 108 diamonds ring with tanzanite. love"

I don't like it, I love it

- Christine

"My husband and I visited Africa from Australia about a month ago and we bought a tanzanite and diamond daisy ring and it is stunning. The people in the shop were so lovely to work with. I absolutely love my ring and the workmanship is just amazing. Thank you for this beautiful ring."

The people in the shop were so lovely to work with

- Debbie

Thank you for Your Professional Service

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for your incredibly professional and personal service during these trying times. Your devotion to your clients is making us feel like old friends. Thank you for the beautiful pendant. I fell in love with Penchant Design's unique designs 6 years ago and have been a faithful client since then. Every time, after looking at what is available in the market field, I find myself returning to you time and again because of the excellent service, the beautiful designs, and wonderful staff. The workmanship is just so good, the attention to every detail is always there. You can be so proud of your team and please convey my gratitude to each of them! Thank you for enabling us to experience joy in trying times and making it truly worthwhile to work hard and still receive some spoils in the form of precious and beautiful jewellery! That’s my story anyway!

- Linda