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How do you know you can trust your jewellery designer

Is your jewellery designer a true professional

Wouldn’t you want to know that the person handling your jewellery, or creating your design is an expert in their field?

That is exactly why we want to tell you more about Jackie Hahn, owner and lead designer of Penchant Fine Jewellery.

Jackie who? This is why you need to know more about Jackie Hahn. Can you trust your jewellery designer?
Jackie who? This is why you need to know more about Jackie Hahn. From custom orders, resizing, jewellery service, restringing pearls or breathing new life into an old piece, Penchant can be of service to you.

You may have had a consultation with Jackie or met her at Penchant in Franschhoek but, there is much more than what meets the eye. Jackie is a Stellenbosch University Jewellery Design and manufacturing graduate. At the Stellenbosch University she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts (BA (VA)) – Creative Jewellery & Metal Design.
Despite her studies, workshops, and other courses she completed, Jackie was invited to be part of several exhibitions. She has ample experience in the jewellery industry.

Where did it all begin?

She became the new owner of Penchant in 2016. Ever since, the Penchant Fine Jewellery team is led by her.

She loves daisies herself but, Penchant has been 'daisy crazy' even before she joined the team. These are some of her daisy inspired creations.
These pieces were all designed and produced by Jackie. This was after she became the owner and lead designer of Penchant Fine Jewellery. These are some of her daisy inspired creations.

She has always been a creative individual. As a child and now adult, she has been passionate about creating and working with her hands. Painting and drawing were her first methods of expressionism. Later Jackie realised that she would love to bring her creations ‘to life’. This idea sparked an interest of jewellery design. Her childhood dream of altering creativity into a career became a reality.

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Take a peak at the inside of our shop situated in the picturesque Franschhoek.


Our front desk
A look at the inside of the shop with burgundy and teal as main colours.
We have ample mirrors and design inspiration inside.

She is always on hand to assist with anything. Sourcing of stones, selection of pieces to the design, production, manufacturing and maintenance of fine jewellery. This is what brings her great joy. As a born creative she channels her energy into crafting exquisite and bespoke fine jewellery pieces for clients.

Jewellery Designing and Internship

Jackie does not keep her years of experience and knowledge to herself. Jewellery designing classes is just one of the ways she teaches others how to design and create their own pieces. She recently began to offer internships to graduates who would like to start their own businesses and continue on with long-term mentorship throughout the process.

Free consultations

Many designers charge for a consultation. Penchant offers free consultations. Book a free consultation with Jackie and let Penchant make your dream design come true.

Make your dream ring come true. Contact us. https://penchantdesign.com/contact-us/


Hahn Jewellery

Before becoming the new owner of Penchant, Jackie established Hahn Jewellery. The pieces she created during this time were more contemporary and artistic. Hahn Jewellery was privileged to exhibit its more upmarket range in 2012 at the Kults Exhibition, Berlin, Germany together with two other international Jewellery artists.

These are some of the pieces featured at the Kults Exhibition, Berlin, Germany.
These are some of the pieces featured at the Kults Exhibition, Berlin, Germany. Follow the link to see more of Hahn Jewellery. http://www.hahnjewellery.com/gallery-jewellery/


Why are we sharing all of this? So that you can see and understand that your jewellery and or your design will always be in good hands at Penchant Fine Jewellery. Follow the link for our contact details: https://penchantdesign.com/contact-us/

You can also click here to see more of Jackie’s creations: Lookbook – Penchant Design

We understand all to well that jewellery can have major sentimental value. Whether old or new, your pieces will always be handled with great care.