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Jewellery Care at Home Part 2


Just over 5 weeks after finding out we’d be confined to our houses for an undetermined period of time, we’ve settled into lockdown living like the rest of our South African ‘siblings’. And, except for those precious three hours of outdoor exercise that has been embraced by just about everyone with a pulse, most of our days consist of working, cooking, eating and – let’s face it – a ridiculous amount of cleaning. Who knew living and working in the same space could make such a mess?!

So, to give you a break from your usual household chores, we’re continuing our series on home jewellery care with a quick tutorial on diamond and gemstone care at home.


You don’t need fancy jewellery cleaning solutions to get your stones nice and sparkly. Plain and simple dishwashing liquid, like Sunlight, will do just fine. Add a few drops to some lukewarm water, then simply soak your pieces in this soapy solution for 10-15 minutes. During the soaking process, most of the hardened dirt and grime on your pieces should be loosened and ready for the next step.


Now it’s time to put some elbow grease in… Using a toothbrush (or a soft, small paintbrush), gently and thoroughly scrub your pieces, taking care to really work on the bottom or base of the stones, where dirt really tends to get trapped. The most important thing to remember here is to never scrub your pieces with a metal or plastic scouring pad or cloth, as this can scratch the stones, leaving them looking even duller than before.


When you’re done with the scrubbing, you’ll need to rinse your piece one last time to get the excess soap off. You can either do this by quickly swishing it around in your soap and water solution, or running it under a lukewarm tap (just make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold, as the sudden change in temperature is not good for your jewellery). Once rinsed, you can use a soft cloth or even a tissue to dry your piece, taking care to get into all the creases.

As you can see, diamond care really isn’t rock(et) science. A few minutes of your time and some basic household items are the only things standing between you and the shiniest stones you’ve ever seen… So, next time you’re wondering how to kill some time without wasting it, roll up those sleeves and bring back the bling! And while you’re at it, why not try some gold and silver cleaning at home too?


**This is the second post in our 3-part series on home jewellery care. For more useful tips, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive a FREE COPY of our Jewellery Wear and Care Guide.