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Jewellery image styling πŸ’ Face shape & earrings

Today, we will be going through face shapes and which earrings work well for your face shop.

Firstly, you need to figure out what type of shape do you have. Looking into a mirror and imaging an outline is my go-to technique. If you get stuck, ask a friend who can give you an honest answer.

There are no hard rules here. If you want to be dramatic or stand out, break the rule. If you want to look balanced, follow the rule.

The different shapes:

Oval, Round, Heart, Square and Diamond

Oval faces can wear just about any design.

You should choose to wear long, angular and teardrop designs. Round designs will make you look like circles – a funky look too.

Avoid wide earrings as you need to work on softening your features. Round or elongated designs will balance your look.

Add more curves and elongated lines to your choice of earrings. Short button or drop earrings may look harsh or awkward.

If you are a diamond face, don’t add more diamond shapes to picture. Try soft, long and elegant curves to balance and soften your strikingly sharp features.

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I hope you enjoyed our quick guide to face shapes and earrings.

Next month, we will be talking about the best blouses to go with your favourite style of necklaces.

Until then, stay beautiful x

Jackie and the Penchant team