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Jewellery image styling series: Materials and skin tone

For the next few weeks, we will be bringing you edu-blogs to share insight on how to perfectly style your jewellery.

Did you know that your skin tone, shape and clothing should be considered with care when you reach for your jewellery box or go jewellery shopping (our favourite)?

We will be going through jewellery image styling with you. Let’s start with:

Different materials for different skin tones

A quick trick to figure out which skin undertone you are is to look at the veins by your wrist:

If it is purple, you have a cool undertone.

You will be well-suited to silvers, white gold or platinum metals. Gems and pearls that are bright will look amazing on you.

View our silver collection suited for cool undertones


If it is green, you have a warm undertone.

You will look stunning in yellow or rose gold or bronze. Earth tones in gems and pearls will compliment your warm undertone beautifully.

View our jewellery suited for warm undertones

If it is light purple to light green, you have a neutral undertone. Lucky you! All metals will look good on you. Off-white pearls and diamonds with a slight yellow tinge will work well on you. You can also try jade, Swiss blue topaz or red sapphire if you want to try something different.



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Stay beautiful x

Jackie and the Penchant team