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As producers and purveyors of handmade South African jewellery pieces, each member of our team plays an integral role in ensuring that each client leaves our shop happier (and significantly more sparkly) than they arrived. Meet the team that makes the magic happen:

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Head Designer & Managing Director

With her immense passion for design, underpinned by an understanding of colour, balance and proportion, Jackie is a creativity personified. Having nurtured her creative energy from a very early age, she graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BA Hons degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing. During her studies, she won third place in the student category of a prestigious Anglo Plat design competition for a beautiful piece that is now proudly displayed in our shop. Following a five-month internship at a jewellery company in Germany in 2011 (where she got to reconnect with her German roots and pick up some key German phrases), she returned to South Africa to start her own handmade silver jewellery line before joining Penchant Design as Production Manager in April 2014. In March 2016, when the time came for the founders and previous owners of Penchant Design to pass the baton, Jackie was a natural fit, and she flourished the second she stepped into her new role.

Jackie loves daisies just as much as predecessor does, and she has vowed that under her leadership, Penchant Design will continue to be known as “the shop with the daisies”.

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Manager, Photographer, Designer & All-rounder

Jackie’s brother Erich studied photography and graphic design at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, and has such an eye for photography that we often joke that he was born with a camera in his hands. Erich is in charge of managing our online shop, styling and photographing our lovely custom jewellery, graphic design, copywriting, general maintenance and just about everything else that needs a man’s touch… Essentially, he is the glue that keeps our entire operation together, whether it’s with his camera, his computer or just his clever way of doing things.

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Floor Manager and Sales Consultant

As the lovely lady in charge of running and beautifying the Penchant Design shop and sales floor, Gretchen uses her iron, or rather platinum, fist to make sure everything (and everyone) is running smoothly. This includes making sure our shop is tidy, updating the store displays, and merchandising all our pieces so they are presented in the best possible way. Gretchen is a real team player and uses her innate problem-solving abilities to help the management team keep their heads on straight.

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