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Fathers Day just got better for your POPS!

Gone are the days of giving POPS the good old faithful Biltong and Beer for Fathers Day. I think we speak on behalf of all South African dads when we say Woolies we get it, but let’s think out of the box!

We decided to do just that and created the most incredible gift on the planet in this 5-in-1 clip. We wanted to create something multi-functional to allow our beloved dads the option to mix it up a little. We will break it down for you to get a better idea behind our COOL Father’s Day gift. 

Money clip

The money clip is the easiest trick and most effective clip to keep your loose notes in one spot. If your pops is anything like ours a clip is hugely beneficial to stop ‘misplacing’ the change.


Everyone needs a bookmark to know exactly where you last left off in your Wilbur Smith or David Grisham book, There is nothing worse than paging to and from because you cannot remember the last words you read. Super easy and efficient to slip onto those pages.

Key Chain

Looking for the perfect charm for your set of house or car keys? Look no further these unique 5 in 1 clips are the perfect accessory for any set of keys you have lying around.

Tie holder

Nothing worse than having a tie that will not stay in one place and gets in the way of you performing your everyday activities or tasks. Why not use our 5 in 1 clip to neatly tuck it into place for you? 

Cuff link

We love using this 5 in 1 clip as a cuff link, why have 1 when you can have 2? Mix it up and have two different cuff links to be the COOL Dad or the serious Dad? Whatever tickles your fancy we think these would make any outfit stand out. 

What is so lovely about these 5 in 1 clips, is their ability to adapt to any situation that seems most appropriate for you or your Dad at that moment. Spoil your pops this Father’s Day and we will gift you free Chocolates too!

If you would like to design something unique for you or your pops we would love to design something special. Please pop us a message or email and we would gladly assist.

Have the best Father’s Day and thank you dad for everything you are! 

Love from the Penchant Design team.