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The seed was planted

Have you ever wondered how this spectacular daisy range seed was planted? Today you will learn how, when and also read about our daisy giveaway.

In this image is a woman with her mobile phone in her hand. She is sitting in a coffee shop and holding the phone to her ear which shows the rings on her hand. The rings are silver oxidised, with a bit of gold and daisy details.

The daisy range is a stylish and affordable option for women who love flowers and women who want to set themselves apart by wearing unique jewellery designs. Ideal for everyday wear and affordable. From coffee dates with your friends, a night out in town or even the gym.

It is spring and we are giving away a pair of our daisy stud earrings.

The seed was planted...

If you ever wondered how this one of a kind daisy seed was planted, read more about Penchant Fine Jewellery Franschhoek here.
Cathy Clayton, the visionary behind this exceptional brand, embarked on her journey with humble beginnings in the realm of jewellery, running her side ventures known as ‘Sweet Pea’ and ‘Cathy Clayton.’
She specialised in crafting exquisite beaded creations, and it wasn’t long before the concept of Penchant took shape…
Now, let’s unravel the mystery behind the name, shall we? If you guessed that Penchant is one of those elegant French words, you’re absolutely correct. Pronounced as “ponshon,” it carries the profound meaning of “a definitive liking, a potent inclination.” It’s such a posh word that its pronunciation often finds itself in a tongue-twisting tango.
But wait, let’s shift our focus to a blooming fascination – daisies!
Why does Penchant Design have such an affinity for these delightful flowers?
Well, it all blossomed back in 2002, with precisely four daisies at the centre of the story.
Cathy Clayton, the creative force behind Penchant Design, has an enduring love for daisies. In fact, her passion for these charming blooms was so fervent that one day she simply exclaimed, “I want a ring with daisies on it!”
Featured in the photo’s above is new owner and lead designer, Jackie with some rings from our Oxi-daisy range.
Daisy stud earrings on an old book. The studs are silver for a little bit of rose gold in the middle.

The giveaway

We will be giving away a pair of these silver with rose gold daisy stud earrings. 

Here is how to can enter. Please note that you have to follow all the steps:

  1. Head over to our brand new Facebook page. Like and or follow our new page and please tag at least three friend you know also love daisy jewellery. Please share the post once you have tagged your friends.

  2. Follow our new Instagram account, please also tag some friends and share it to your story.

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T’s and C’s apply. Winners will be announced middle October.

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📍62 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek, South Africa.