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February Birthstone, Amethyst, holds symbols of love and balance!

How are we two months into the year already? February always feels like a ‘reality check’ in the year, where time has flown from Christmas and you’re in the full swing of things. Although, it is also the month of love and a gentle reminder to take things slowly, enjoying time with loved ones. 

Consequently, the February birthstone, Amethyst, is said to be found in royal family collections across Asia and Africa and is given as a royal present for the ‘king or queen’ of your heart. The beautiful purple variety of quartz holds deep purple hues and can be cut into many shapes and sizes.

Amethyst, was found in large deposits in Russia in the 19th Century, before being established in Brazil. Today, the most important sources of Amethyst are in Africa and South America. 

The meaning behind the purple stone:

The name Amethyst was seemingly derived from the Greek word, amethystos, meaning, ‘a remedy against drunkenness.’ Due to its wine-like colour, early Greek mythology associated the gem with Bacchus, the God of wine, and it was seen as a symbol of soberness. The stone was also believed to keep those wearing it, clear-headed and quick-witted in battle and business affairs.

On the other hand, Europeans thought of Amethyst as a stone that calmed passionate lovers. In various other cultures, the birthstone was thought to be associated with peace, balance and courage, whilst also having the ability to cure insomnia and relieve pain. 

The gem has traditionally been given as a sixth wedding anniversary gift, as a symbol charm and Saint Valentine, who wore an amethyst ring in the shape of the love God, Cupid. 

 How to best care for the stone: 

 The stone is on the softer side, which means its scratch resistance is similar to that of a Tanzanite but very affordable to replace if and when necessary. One should be careful of dropping or knocking the stone as it may splinter or crack easily. You may clean the stone with an ultra-sonic cleaner, whilst steam cleaning is not recommended. The safest option to clean the stone is with jewellery cleaner or a soft brush with a mild soap.

 Wanting to improve the colour of your gem?

Heat treatment is the most common technique to improve the colour of the natural Amethyst. This can make dark Amethyst lighter and more attractive, and remove any unwanted brownish inclusions. Although, be careful, as some may turn yellow after heat treatment. Excessive heat can change the colour entirely too, be cautious not to wear it in hot weather too often and be careful not to damage the pointed corners and sharp edges. 

We have this exquisite birthstone available for you to view in our store. We would love for you to come to visit and see our collections of loose stones on display or have something unique made, just for you.  

This is also a friendly reminder that we are environmentally conscious about what we sell. We now practice recycling entirely in our business operations, by responsibly sourcing all our metals, materials and gemstones, as well as aligning our company with De Beers Forevermark Diamonds who give back to our communities and the environment in numerous different ways. 

We hope to see you in-store soon to purchase one of our beautiful gems. 

Stay Beautiful,

Jackie Hahn & Penchant Design Team