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Did you know Aquamarine is the ‘Sea water’ gemstone?

Just like that, we have reached the 3rd month of the year! I don’t know if it’s just me or is time passing really fast? One second ago we were celebrating New Year and in a blink of an eye, we are in March. 

Anyhow, I absolutely love March’s birthstone for so many reasons. Aquamarine is known as the gemstone of the ocean. I love the ocean and spend many days in the sun. One can only think happy thoughts of the ocean, whether it is the warm sunny days or the beautiful sunset evenings. 

There is an interesting connection as to how the Aquamarine gemstone name was derived. 

History & origin

Derived from the latin word ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marina’ meaning the sea, a Roman fisherman called the gemstone ‘water of the sea’ for its crystal blue water located in the Mediterranean sea. The gemstone was used for protection, safe travels and luck when catching fish. Some stories go as far as saying Roman physicians used it to treat bloating and fluid retention aiding its healing properties.

In more literal terms the Aquamarine gemstone is mined mainly in Brazil, but it is also located in parts of Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique. 

Colour & Quality 

Did you know Aquamarine is comprised of a mineral called Beryl? Beryl is an amazing mineral and is found in other gemstones too such as Emerald and Morganite. Which leads to its colour and quality. How can you be sure about the quality of the gemstone?

Well, Aquamarine is mostly light in tone and ranges from greenish blue to deep blue and/or green colour. The larger the stone the deeper the colour is. If the stone is darker in colour that means it is more valuable too. 

The best way to measure the quality of the gemstone if you are unsure is via a heating process. This method measures the ‘hue’ if a yellowy green is more prominent. However, a fine and natural gemstone that is untreated is more valuable.

Aquamarine is more ‘clean’ meaning untouched and therefore have a higher clarity than most gemstones. Therefore the higher the clarity and colour the more valuable the stone is.

Healing & relationship properties

It is believed to be one of the strongest gemstones for clearing and activating the ‘throat Chakra’. As it stimulates energy from the heart through to the throat allowing one’s deepest heartfelt truth to be communicated. 

I find this rather remarkable that gemstones have this amazing ability to help the human mind and body. If you need a gemstone to help you in any way, perhaps Aquamarine is the gemstone for you!

Aquamarine is extremely powerful and soothing having a direct influence on relationships ensuring long and happy marriages. If you are looking for the perfect gemstone to gift your loved one. I can highly recommend Aquamarine for any milestone but more importantly for your 19th wedding anniversary. 

We have this exquisite birthstone available for you to view in our store. We would love for you to come to visit and see our collections of loose stones on display, or have something unique made, just for you.  

Stay Beautiful,

Jackie Hahn & Penchant Design Team