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Penchant Fine Jewellery is Going Green…the sequel.

As some of you may know or have read our previous ‘Going Green’ blogs we thought we would continue to highlight our efforts every month. It is extremely important that we as a small business operate ethnically and sustainability.

The importance of Going Green!

Therefore as part of our Going Green journey, our goal is to constantly introduce different  systems, packaging, consumables and lifestyle items that aligns with our vision and mission as a business.

We believe it is imperative for all companies big and small to make the necessary changes to lower their plastic footprint. We are all well aware that our beautiful mother nature is suffering because of excesses single use plastics and other packaging. Here at Penchant Fine Jewellery we are taking the right steps to minimise the ongoing use of plastics and material where we can.

How have we implemented these changes in our Jewellery business?

We only use cleaning products and hand sanitiser that are ethically made, natural, eco-friendly and essential oils that pose no harm to nature. Our products are all from Mother’s Love, a stunning local business located in Cape Town. All their products are 100% non-toxic and non-allergenic. What I love about them is not only are their products amazing and non-harmful to the environment, they are infused with the most incredible essential oils. The essential oils smell divine and leave our shop smelling sensational. A huge bonus is that they are tough on stains. These products really works like a treat. Their products also include hand cream, handwash and dishwashing liquid.  They also have a multipurpose cleaner which we will start to use soon.

What can you expect next?

In May we will touch on our all natural fibre dishwashing scrubs.. The key to remember is small changes make a big difference! I encourage you to start somewhere.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our Going Green blogs . Do you enjoy them or would you like to comment on what you are doing to help create a greener planet?.

Please feel to follow my personal profile where I post about my zero waste efforts regularly  on instagram @helo_waste_ninja.

For the love our planet and its people,

Jackie Hahn.