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Do you know why Tanzanite gemstones are so rare?

 The only place in the world where Tanzanites are found, are in Tanzania. This makes them 1000 times rarer than their diamond counterpart. Diamonds are found in various places all over the world and a lot are still undiscovered in the earth’s crust.

The Birthstone for December is Tanzanite that has many colours that need to be considered as the finest blue hues and has the ability to question rare sapphire stones. Furthermore, it is one of the most covered gemstones in the world.

Tanzanite is known as the only trichroic gemstone to man. Meaning, it has the ability to display three given colours at once depending on how light passes/reflects through it. It causes the stone to allow different colours to reflect on a different axis depending which axis you are looking at. The colours it reflects are shades of blue, violet and red. It is without a doubt that cutting a trichroic gemstone has its difficulties for obvious reasons. Therefore, depending on the way it is cut,that particular colour will shine more than the others. The most well sought out for tanzanite is the vivid blue colour therefore all gem cutters will try their best to cut the stone to that exact colour.

How do you know if your tanzanite gemstone is good quality?

Scale representing the quality of a Tanzanite (weakest to strongest)

Often as a buyer or customer you are unaware of the finer details represented in a stone. To make things slighter easier for you we have included a scale measuring the quality of a Tanzanite stone. The best quality tanzanite as expressed before is that of a deep blue or violet colour. These colours will range from royal blues to vibrant violet to more paler shades. Some colours are brighter than others and that is all owed to how the gemstone has been cut and polished. You must know the brighter and richer the colour the better the quality. If you are looking for the best quality item of Tanzanite jewellery always look at the colour and compare, you cannot go wrong. You will see on the scale the colours on the left-hand side are considered to be ‘stronger’. and the right are ‘weaker’ 

Where does the Tanzanite stone originate from? 

Strangely enough the tanzanite is located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and it is also the only place in the world where it is found,therefore, the name Tanzanite. Moreso, the tanzanite gemstone is known to be 1000 times rarer than that of a diamond. The biggest recorded Tanzanite is 16,839 carats well over 3kg and has been named ‘‘The Mawenzi’ after the second highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro.

Meaning and properties

Tanzanite is said to possess the qualities of good luck and prosperity as well as celebrations of new life and beginnings. The gemstone also holds mystical healing powers. It is supposedly meant to uplift and open the heart and assist with metaphysical healing.

If you are looking for the perfect 45 wedding anniversary gift or want to spoil your special someone this Christmas, Tanzanite jewellery will be the perfect gift to say ‘I Love you”. We can assure you they will not be disappointed and you will feel like a princess. 

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