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January’s Birthstone is a Garnet, which is also the gem for the 2nd Wedding Anniversary

I can’t believe it is January and the start of a new year! I am proud to say that Penchant Fine Jewellery had a great festive season. It is our busiest time of year as tourists and locals flood to the beautiful valley of Franschhoek. This results in high foot traffic, which leads to many happy faces popping into our store. We are so grateful to have heard more foreign voices and see more familiar faces in person this year. 

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On that positive note, I am wishing everyone a fabulous 2022 and will get straight onto sharing insights on the beautiful first birthstone of the year, the Garnet. is the Garnet family has  vibrant and meaningful collections of gemstones part of its clan.  The Garnet received its name from a sacred fruit, known as the pomegranate. Garnet, coming from the Latin word Garanatus, means seeds or seed-representing. Some garnets do resemble the seeds of a pomegranate (we will show some examples in our posts!), which is why this is the chosen name for these lovely family of stones. 

Garnet is also the gem for the second wedding anniversary. That reminds me! If it is your birthday or 2nd wedding anniversary this month then you can receive 15% off any Garnet item in our store. 

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Where is Garnet found?

Garnet is found all over the world and isn’t subjective to a few locations. The stone is also close to the earth’s surface and not buried underneath mounds of pressure and sediment. The Garnet stone is created when rock and aluminium content are combined together. 

The Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday ring

Let me share an interesting fact about Garnets…before the Duchess of Cambridge got engaged to Prince William, Catherine Middleton often wore a pearl and garnet gold ring. The press frequently speculated whether it was a gift from Prince William. Why? Because the garnet is the Duchess’s birthstone (she was born in January), while the pearl is Prince’s William’s birthstone (born in June).

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Best of luck and hope to see everyone in the store again soon! 

Stay beautiful,

Jackie and the Penchant Team