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Penchant Fine Jewellery ‘Green’ Story Continued

Hello Everyone, I hope you have all set your personal, career and green goals for the year! If you haven’t, don’t worry it is only January so there is plenty of time! I am hoping our move towards being a sustainable company inspires you to take action and make the changes necessary within your own organisation. 

Firstly, if you missed our introduction to Going Green blog and want to get the full story then here it is: https://penchantdesign.com/penchant-design-is-going-green/

So, to recap on what we have done so far: 

  1. We now recycle fully
  2. We responsibly source all our metals, materials, and gemstones
  3. We align ourselves with De Beers Forevermark Diamonds. 

Like Gemfields they also give back to the communities where they do the mining, in terms of job creation, supporting women in the area to start their own businesses and for every hectare they mine, they give 5 hectares back to conservation. Now that’s serious goodness!

For more on our association with De Beers Forevermark Diamonds click here: https://penchantdesign.com/about-us/

4. We have sourced a bunch of new sustainable items from Mother’s Love Products for the Penchant store such as: 

  1. Hand sanitizer made from Sugarcane alcohol (still 70% ratio!) and with essential oils. Good for the hands and good for the environment. 
  2. Dishwashing liquid made with kind ingredients- you can lick your plate afterwards without rinsing it #JustKidding! It foams like a charm!
  3. Hand Cream with all the lovely kind ingredients
  4. Glass Cleaner another kind product and works like a bomb
  5. Dishwashing crochet cloth made with natural fibres that can go naturally back to nature where it came from without being harmful to all living and natural things. Or throw it in your compost!
  6. Packaging, carrier bags printed on paper that can be recycled and with 100% natural silk that can also go back to nature where it came from or composted. 
  7. Workshop job packet packaging printed on brown paper that is widely recycled and can also go in your compost. Other printing done on recyclable paper.

We hope you will come give us a visit in our store soon: 62 Huguenot St, Franschhoek, 7690

As always and a friendly reminder, you have the option of viewing all the beautiful jewellery we have on offer online: https://penchantdesign.com/collections/

Stay Beautiful, 

Jackie and The Penchant Team