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Jewellery image styling 💍 Hand shapes & rings


I hope you enjoyed my last blog about matching materials with your skin tone.

Today, I want to share with you some insight on shape. The shape of your hands and your face do have an impact what which jewellery pieces will look good on you. Before I get started, I want to add that there is no ‘best shape’. Your hands and fingers are perfect.

Let’s talk about hands & jewellery

The cut of stones and style of rings need to be in balance with your hands. Here are some guides on the shape of your hand and which works best for you:

If you have thin fingers, smaller or narrower stone cuts will work well. Wide bands are the way to go. You also need to avoid thin bands with large stones.




Perfect for thin fingers:

If you have wide fingers, longer stone cuts are perfect. Three stone rings or halo settings will complement your fingers.  Stay away from thin bands with small gemstones.




Perfect for wide fingers:

If you have short fingers, longer cut gemstones will compliment well. Try wearing thin bands and avoid wide bands or large designs that may exaggerate your hand’s shape.




Perfect for short fingers:

If you have long fingers, compact cut gemstones are your friend. Lucky for you, most ring styles compliment long fingers.




Our favourite:

If you want to learn more about other aspects of hands such as knuckles and symmetry, reply to this email and I will assist you.

Our last mailer in this series is all about face shape and earrings. Keep an eye out for it.

Until then, stay beautiful x

Jackie and the Penchant team