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The month of July is all about RUBIES!

July happens to be the birthstone of the Ruby; the word is derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’ which directly translates to red. The gemstone ruby symbolises protection and power. It is believed to have been worn as a talisman protecting warriors on the battlefield. In some cultures, there are fables that suggest rubies grew on trees and would blossom white buds. On the very tip of the bud would be a ripe red ruby that would be ready to be picked. These fables paint a beautiful picture of the gemstone.

There are of course more realistic stories to follow such as the famous The Wizard of Oz movie Dorothy wore Ruby slippers to protect herself from evil. Whichever you believe or want to fantasise about we cannot deny how exquisite the ruby gem is.

Since the beginning of time Rubies have been at the forefront of luxury and lore. In some instances, a ruby can outweigh the price of a diamond. Did you know a ruby gets its bright, deep colours because of the traces of chromium? The combination of intense heat causes the chromium to replace aluminium traces in conundrum to form a vibrant ruby. 

Similar to that of Diamonds, rubies are assessed based on the 4C’s which are colour, clarity, cut and carat. The most important factor is the colour as it determines the value of the gem. The darker and richer the colour is the higher sought after the gem is.

This year marks the 15th Wedding Anniversary, what a special wedding gift would a Ruby be! We absolutely love Rubies, if you would like to visit our collection, please do so here: https://penchantdesign.com/collections/

We would love to design a piece of Jewellery that is authentically you and we know you will love rubies as much as we do!

Stay Beautiful,

Jackie Hahn & Penchant Design Team